The all-in-one cross-functional collaboration platform

TrueNxus organizes everything so that your entire company can collaborate, plan, and execute strategic initiatives, programs, and projects in one place.

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Built to empower your cross-functional teams

TrueNxus solves problems unique to work that requires functional expertise from across your organization.

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Project Management

Plan, execute, and monitor and control projects made up of colleagues, clients, and third parties.

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Program Management

Drive execution and manage strategic programs critical to your company and clients.

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Change Management

Align operations to the strategy with effective organizational change management.

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Business Transformation

Empower your people and fundamentally change the way your company operates.

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Capture value and manage mergers and acquisitions from pre-deal to post-deal.

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Turn your ideas into reality and manage innovation from conception to execution.

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Connect your whole company

Avoid context switching or silos. Spend time and effort on the tasks that matter, and less time on follow-ups, dealing with communication gaps, and switching between apps, spreadsheets, and slide decks.


Bring clarity to your team

Make it easy for your team to stay accountable—leverage personalized views, interactive project timelines, dependency tracking, task lists, real-time notifications, and chat.

Replacement for multiple project management apps
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Automate status reports

Get the whole picture and keep an eye on your team's progress. Analyze status reports automatically with real-time dashboards, spot potential problems, and keep your work on track.

Replaces project status reports: Smartsheet, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
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Memorialize your team's common goals with a charter

Level set with your colleagues, clients, and third parties by establishing a meeting cadence, objectives, benefits, and risks from the start. Ensure everyone provides their buy-in early and make cross-functional collaboration work.

Replaces project charters: Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides
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Collaborate directly in the app

Improve cross-team collaboration by centralizing communications. With TrueNxus as your collaboration tool for your cross-functional work, your entire organization can stay in-sync.

Replaces chat and email: Microsoft Teams, Slack
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Solved by TrueNxus


You'll no longer have to use multiple apps.


Work with your colleagues from finance, operations, marketing, technology, and every other functional area in one central location. You'll even be able to give access to clients, consultants, and contractors.


You'll have real-time visibility into progress.


Get a status update on the overall progress whenever you want. You'll have the transparency you need to understand what tasks everyone is responsible for and when they'll complete them.


You'll improve efficiency.


Leverage one source of truth and communicate effectively with every team member. You'll no longer rely on email, text messages, and conference calls for non-value-added activities.


You'll increase productivity.


Achieve more with less time by not being distracted by multiple stakeholders asking for status. You'll know what your teammates are working on and when they'll complete it, resulting in effective collaboration.


You'll build a culture of accountability.


Everyone from the beginning will clearly understand the team's agreed-to goals and objectives. Instead of being in a reactive organization with a systemic lack of trust, you'll be in a proactive company where you can count on your peers.

All the features you need to make cross-functional collaboration successful.

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Our project collaboration tools include automated status reports, interactive Gantt-charts, dependency tracking, task lists, real-time notifications, and instant messaging. Together, all of these features make collaboration a breeze. The TrueNxus platform facilitates effortless teamwork to save time, boost productivity and keep morale high. Spend time and effort on the tasks that matter, and less time on follow-ups, dealing with communication gaps, and switching between spreadsheets and slide decks.

With our software tools, your team can be happier, more accountable, and more productive. Keep the work progressing and stay in the loop with effective cross-functional team collaboration, courtesy of TrueNxus.

Ineffective communication and a lack of organization can waste time, energy, and even money. Our project collaboration software eliminates the barriers that naturally come with working in a cross-functional team. A centralized platform simplifies communication and collaboration to bring you effortless project management. Teams no longer have to rely on separate communication channels, spreadsheets, slide decks, and project management software. Instead, TrueNxus offers a single collaboration platform for all the functions necessary to run a successful project from start to finish. On this platform, no person is on an island.

Working with a team of cross-functional colleagues and clients can quickly get overwhelming. Whether you are a senior executive or a project team member from another department, you are likely faced with the clutter of multiple apps for different functions. Simultaneously, communication barriers, a lack of accountability, and general confusion about task progress can make it nearly impossible to collaborate effectively.

No one is to blame because working in a cross-functional team can be difficult, no matter how small. There are multiple ideas to get through, various tasks to delegate, and different individuals to work with. That's why we've created a cross-functional collaboration platform that addresses these common challenges. With TrueNxus, teams can communicate more effectively, work more efficiently and meet their goals with a stress-free structure.


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