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4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Project Management

Jonathan Friedman
July 6, 2020
4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Project Management

Big corporations and consultants manage projects that range in size and complexity. However, no matter the organization, all projects are operating at sub-optimal levels for productivity and efficiency. Here are 4 reasons why it's time for you to invest in smart project management. TrueNxus can help.

1. Increase productivity with one solution

According to Forrester, "information workers use an average of eight applications to perform their jobs," and most use a suite of tools from Microsoft. When managing a project, deliverables like project plans, timelines, gantt-charts, and status reports are maintained and updated in presentations, documents, or spreadsheets, often offline and across disparate team members. When it comes to providing status updates, project managers and team members need to consolidate the diverse information across constituents into a digestible view. In an environment like this, there is no real-time visibility of status for any stakeholder, including management.

Stop using presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. Invest in smart project management with one single source of truth and enable strategic planning and efficient execution.

2. Provide transparency and manage capacity in remote work with one system

In today's remote work environment, it is ever more challenging to ensure all stakeholders have the visibility of task status and project status they need to make decisions and move the work forward. Before Covid-19, when colleagues and advisors worked together in-person, while not the most efficient, status updates would be provided while passing one another in the hall. However, with telecommuting the norm, everyone is working from home. As a result, work is assigned haphazardly, and there are few ways to track who is doing what and understand the progress of work. Before remote work, there was a social cost to ask colleagues in person to take on more responsibility. With remote work, the social cost appears almost non-existent, because technology has a way of dehumanizing such interactions. As a result, people are working more than ever, because there is less visibility into what everyone is doing.

Invest in smart project management and implement a systematic process to plan and execute work in today's remote work environment. Provide real-time visibility to every stakeholder and more efficiently manage resource capacity.

3. Increase efficiency with automation

General managers are bouncing between meetings with external clients and internal resources, always needing to check-in on project statuses with their employees. Program and project managers are continually herding cats trying to gather status updates through emails and calls to provide leaders with ad-hoc and scheduled reports, jumping between presentations and spreadsheets across different projects. Furthermore, project members are overwhelmed continuously by reporting statuses to multiple stakeholders instead of doing the actual work required to move their projects forward. All of these things slash productivity, efficiency, and severely impact the rate and quality in which organizations can execute.

With an investment in smart project management, you can automate the busy work and be notified immediately when changes to the overall project plan occur. Leverage your new-found time into real value-add work.

4. Drive results with analytics

Most companies still use spreadsheets to manage projects because they know how to use it, but all the predictive models need to be built from scratch. Automated reporting and historical and predictive views in projects are required to enhance productivity and efficiency. Stakeholders need to understand how much work a project member has done, how much remains, and when it will be completed.

With smart project management you can analyze your project automatically, advancing you and your team with time to do strategic thinking and moving the needle.

It's time to invest in smart project management

If your organization is ready to invest in smart project management, TrueNxus can help. Reach out to our sales team today.