18 Best Task Management Software

Jonathan Friedman
March 8, 2021
18 Best Task Management Software

Are you searching for the best task management software and tools? Or, are you looking for an online task manager? Then, you've come to the right place.

Managing a large team can be challenging. It can be challenging to monitor the progress of each individual on separate projects. It is even more challenging to juggle a staff's calendars while assigning tasks.

In fast-paced businesses, with many different production projects, it is essential for managers to stay organized. You can use online task management software to help a business stay organized. 

Online task management software can help in the following ways:

We will dive into the benefits and features of task management software. By sharing different highlighted features, we will help you decide the best task management software for you.

Below is everything we will cover. Feel free to skip ahead.

What is a task manager? 

A task manager is charged with planning and coordinating activities and projects. Task management software effectively gives out tasks and coordinates activities. It does this while factoring in external factors such as budgets, schedules, and goals.

Task managers are also tasked with monitoring project progress from assignment until completion. Task managers must fully understand the steps needed for successful project completion. They even must understand the role that each task plays in the overall goal of the business. 

Task managers oversee operations and devise strategies to help optimize employee output. A task manager may try to enlist the help of spreadsheets and email listservs to track and communicate with staff. 

In a fast-paced business that is trying to boost productivity, it may be necessary to utilize task management software. Task management software allows task managers to create a clear and organized system for monitoring their team. 

Task management software can ease the process of managing a business. It can be a helpful tool if you hope to expand your business, take on dynamic projects, or conduct new hires.

Benefits of online task management software

Businesses move at such a fast pace. This makes it impossible for management to get a holistic view of employee operations. 

Transferring operations over to an online task management software can be an adjustment for any business. However, once your business has adapted to system changes, it can boost productivity ten-fold. 

There are many benefits to implementing online task management software. This software can help to improve the efficiency of business operations.

Promotes organization

Businesses have many moving parts from human resources to client management to payroll. For an upper-level management position, it can seem impossible to track all the moving parts.

By implementing an online task management software, task managers can use tools to get organized. Managers can organize company materials and track employees' progress on tasks. It can be overwhelming juggling a list of employee's progress reports.

Task management software makes it simple. It allows you to monitor your and your employee's tasks and schedules. This will enable you to ensure that your business is operating smoothly. 

Centralizes business activity 

Implementing an online task management system allows you to integrate all business operations into a centralized location. Creating a virtual workspace for your company can help to simulate an office space. This can wipe out the need for multiple windows open on a desktop and virtual clutter. 

Providing a centralized platform for business activity also ensures documents or resources are not at risk of being deleted or lost. There are many benefits to creating one centralized location for all business operations. 

Improves collaboration 

Team members can share content and instant message when working on team projects. This helps to stimulate brainstorming sessions amongst colleagues working on similar tasks.  

Centralizing all business operations allows team members to see significant company projects. It will enable employees at different business levels to get a holistic view of the projects being completed across the company. Organizations can thrive as varying levels of the business collaborate to achieve a common goal. 

The ability to see the company's overall view lets a team member offer any ideas or suggestions on projects that they may not have been assigned to. Businesses that thrive off of "group think" greatly benefit from the overall task monitoring features. Features like status reporting and communication features help to connect the company. 

Promotes productivity 

Nothing feels better than crossing something off of your to-do list.

The gratification that you can receive from checking off your handwritten to-do list can be amplified. You can feel praised as your peers can the high yields of your work through the online task management software. 

Individuals using task management software are also more likely to be productive in the workplace. Task management users feel a sense of public accountability within the company with their tasks and progress on display. 

Task management tools can boost productivity by displaying a visual tracker. The contrast between productive and lackluster employees is put on display. This visualization can motivate employees to increase their work contributions.  

Online accessibility 

A major benefit of investing in online task management software is that it is accessible at the click of a button from anywhere in the world. Not only does the online accessibility component enable productive teleworking, but it also allows your business to make quick changes on the go.  

Many businesses have been able to effectively reduce their overhead costs by building out an online infrastructure.

The best task management systems can simulate the same level of workplace collaboration. They can create a workplace dynamic on a digital platform as it would in person.

The use of an online task management software grants businesses flexibility. Businesses can decide if they want to keep operations virtual, return to the office or develop a hybrid business model. 

If you are dealing with a client request while off the clock, you can access your task manager instantly to serve your client best. This flexibility allows your business to pride itself on fast and efficient client services.

Premium features of online task management software

Effective task management includes putting forethought into task distribution. Task managers must view the project from a greater vantage point and juggle priorities to make a business as productive as possible. 

Task management tools are also used to help break down massive projects into segments. By creating a set of more straightforward and easy to manage tasks, task managers can ensure that overall deadlines are being met step by step. 

Task managers use features such as these to distribute tasks amongst their employees effectively.  

Task scheduling

Task management is much more than distributing to-do lists. Effective task management is an organized approach that factors how long a project should take and the employee's pre-existing work commitments when assigning a task. 

Although employees are accountable for finishing their assigned tasks, task managers are responsible for executing the business's overall mission or goal. To ensure that tasks are completed in a timely fashion, task managers can enable notifications and reminders to alert employees of upcoming deadlines. 

Recurring tasks  

An online tasks management system with the option for reoccurring tasks can make your role a task manager much more manageable. There may be several tasks that need to occur regularly, so a single entry can make your take management software use more efficient. 

In the business setting, many tasks occur routinely. Whether it is attending a weekly staff meeting or submitting your peer performance review each month, task management software should be able to accommodate these habitual tasks. 

Priority settings

An employee's task list for the week can be rather extensive, and it can be hard to know where to start. It is natural for employees to begin working on assigned tasks in no particular order.

Useful task management software can prioritize different tasks based on two factors—the urgency of the task at hand or the progress of a task that needs to precede it. With a multi-piece project, one employee is assigned part A, and one is assigned part B. Completing part B would not be listed as urgent for the employee until their colleague has completed part A. 

Task tracking 

In a busy business, many tasks are being completed, all with different deadlines and assigned employees. A task manager must be able to keep track of employee's progress on assignments.

For multi-step team projects, task managers' ability to track each stage of the project's development is helpful. Through frequent progress reports, you can stay on task. The task manager can make collaboration easy by indicating teammate's roles and sharing the progress of fellow teammates on completing their assignment portion. 

Personalized view of tasks

Online task management systems help team members stay on track. By consolidating an individual's responsibilities and tasks, individuals can best prioritize and manage their responsibilities.  

A personalized view of tasks can be displayed as a list, timeline, or to-do list. These different layouts can help you stay on track and accomplish tasks in a method that works for you. 

The personalized view of tasks feature allows you to work in a customized space to promote productivity. The list layout will enable you to set a basic set of notes to help keep you organized. A series of jotted-down notes can help you stay organized. 

With time-sensitive tasks utilizing project timeline layouts, you can help guide project progress. Timelines allow you to modify project plans and forecast task completion. Timelines allow transparency and proper tracking of project progress. 

Customizing your personalized view of tasks with to-do lists allows you to consolidate tasks and stay motivated in project completion effectively. Integrating to-do lists into your personalized view of tasks will enable you to see your tasks complete in one location rather than across multiple screens. 

Team status reporting 

Task management systems use team status reporting to promote collaboration by putting all team members on the same page. By manually reporting project updates, you can waste much time. 

The team's status reporting feature is very beneficial for fulfilling the duties of an administrative role. Team status reporting allows you to zoom out and see how a project has progressed and forecast project completion. This feature can help to ensure team members stay accountable and on track. 

Task progress reporting

An online task management system's managerial aspects allow users with lead management access to monitor progress on tasks and stay up to date on daily employee operations. This oversight will enable managers to ensure premium productivity amongst their employees.  

You can use task management tools to monitor and observe task progress in real-time. This enables managers to adjust the flow of assignments appropriately, in accordance with employees' progress. 

18 Best task management software

Different software provides different premium features to ease the process of task management. It is vital that you do a needs assessment on what features you would value most when decided which online task management software is best for you. 

1. TrueNxus

TrueNxus tops our list as the best task management software. It has all of the features you need as a task manager.

Key features

1. Personalized views

Personalized views illustration

Every business function specializes in a specific domain and, as such, thinks about task management differently. To ensure task management's successful execution, you need task management software that provides personalized views. These views need to be in sync as well.

TrueNxus provides you with the following views:


Project plan list screenshot

A list is a table that allows you to manage your project plan easily. Organize the work into groups such as workstreams or any logical way to categorize tasks.


Project timeline, or gantt chart

Visualize the change initiative as a Timeline, a Gantt-chart like view that lets you understand how the entire project fits together. Make updates to the project plan through an interactive interface.

2. Automated project status reports

Project status report

We understand that each team member is busy balancing multiple priorities, from your day-to-day responsibilities to various tasks and projects. Therefore, TrueNxus successfully executes task management by automatically analyzing the project's health in real-time, giving senior leadership and the team the insights they need to make decisions and move the ball forward.

3. My Work

View all of your work in one place

You can also understand what you're on the hook for by viewing your to-do list automatically created by reconciling every task across every project. With TrueNxus, you can view every task and every dependency vital to you, across every change initiative, in one location, ensuring success.

4. Dependencies


Additionally, we know that you don't want to let your colleagues down or be let down. You can ensure the successful delivery of tasks by documenting task dependencies. By doing so you, you can be accountable when others are reliant on you. You can understand dependent tasks, change implications, and adjust course as needed.

5. Automated notifications

Automated workflows - notifications

You can also successfully execute task management by using online task management software to notify when changes occur. With TrueNxus's 20+ out-of-the-box automated notifications, you will have the transparency you need to stay in-the-know.


Cross-functional collaboration by comment

Lastly, the entire team can ensure that projects are successful by collaborating directly in the app. With TrueNxus, you can communicate with colleagues and third parties in tasks.


Subscriptions start at $10/month for a team of 5.

Try for free today (no credit card needed).

2. ClickUp


ClickUp is a task management tool. ClickUp's strengths are primarily in its ability to juggle multiple projects. 

Key features

The free app includes templates, reoccurring tasks, prioritizing tasks, a goal tracker notepad, and integrations with third parties. The integration feature lets you use content sharing platforms, like Google Suites, within ClickUp's interface. 


It is offered as free, or premium—this application grants more resources to individuals as they pay more. The monthly fee is $5.00 per month per user and up.

3. Todoist


The Todoist app is a straightforward task management service. It focuses on helping businesses stay on top of their ever-growing to-do list. 

Key features

For the standard service, users can add reoccurring due dates, create sub-tasks, and prioritize tasks. This application is available on iOS and Android devices.

For the premium version, users can utilize task labels and reminders, receive email notifications, collaborate on tasks through email correspondence, and have automatic backups of lists created.


The service comes either free or with a premium charge of $5.00 per month per user. 

4. is a to-do list up and task management app. You can go in and label items for today tomorrow upcoming to stay more accountable. 

Key features

Although this application does not have content sharing or communication built-in, this application is perfect for maintaining individual tasks. 

With the standard version of, you can use simple features for a business organization. These features include a calendar, time tracking, to-do list reminders, daily planners, and task prioritization.

The premium version of allows for unlimited attachments, location-based reminders, and debility to add reoccurring tasks.

Pricing is a very affordable service. It starts at $2.99 per month per user and can be downloaded onto Android and iOS mobile apps. 

5. Things


Thing is an excellent platform for task management. Things' total task management allows users to stay organized by categorizing and sub-categorizing tasks.

Key features

Things allows for specific tasks to be accompanied by comments and subtasks. An important note about something is that it is not yet available for windows or android users. There's only been developed for Mac and iOS.

In Things, users can schedule their days with the calendar feature and a breakdown of the morning, afternoon, and evening slots. Things users can stay organized by create section headings, checklists and utilize Mac shortcuts.


Things downloadable software programmed into your Mac or iOS device comes in a one-time charge of $49.99. Although this is a one-time price, it is still relatively expensive.

6. Taskque


Tasksque is an excellent tool for resource management. It allows team members to pick up tasks that a colleague may not complete. Tasksque does lack the sense of urgency that a time tracker can place on a user. 

Key features

In Taskque's base edition, you can use features such as automatic task tracking, an embedded calendar, an interactive to-do list, and convert your projects into a workflow management system. 

Premium services for Taskque include the ability to form groups for projects and expand workspaces. 


Taskque comes in a free and premium form. The premium services are very affordable as they are only $5.00 per user per month. This is a manageable fee. However, we would recommend trying the free service then upgrading to ensure that Taskque is the right fit for your business' needs.

7. Flow


Flow is a modern project management software that is designed for team collaboration. Flow's software is well known for its use of the Gantt organizational system. 

Key features

Flow presents projects primarily through the Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is a color-coded bar chart that depicts a project's progress. Flow uses useful color-coding to ensure that its services are easy to navigate.

The Flow task tracking software includes a list of tasks, adjustable project timeline, workflow management, and public and private projects space. 


Flow is a very affordable service with a base price of $4.97 per user per month. Although this fee could still add up, it is manageable, even for a small business. Keep in mind there is no free service provided by Flow.

8. Hitask


On Hitask, assigned tasks and projects are projected in the center of your screen. You can view your teammates' profiles to the right of "home base." Once each teammate is assigned a task, the platform creates a workflow for each member. 

Key features

Hitask offers free task management services. Their free and basic package includes standard task assignment abilities, file storage, report templates, Time tracking, and email notations for task assignments. Users can access Hitask on their iOS or Android device through a mobile app. 

Premium users can have access to unlimited storage, selective permissions on task approval, and the ability to sync their calendar to Hitask.


Users who want access to these services are charged a premium fee of $20.00 per user per month.

9. Trello


Trello is perhaps one of the most widely known task management software. Trello uses Kanban task management strategies. Kanban is an organizational strategy that operates by creating three columns and allowing users to sort tasks into three different groupings. 

Key features

In terms of task management, Trello offers features such as boards for project development, lists, checklists, and the ability to upload attachments. Regular users on Trello can stay organized and up to speed on iOS and Android mobile applications. 

Premium users can have access to unlimited integrations, use public and private boards for project development, and are given more support during the onboarding process.


Trello is a free task management service. For access to premium features, Trello costs $17.50 per user per month. 

10. Quire


Quire's software is designed to have you build on projects with a strong foundation. That is why it has you tackle the most critical tasks first, and the software comes with built-in filtering to prioritize which tasks to do first. 

Key features

Quire task management software allows sixers to create tasks and sub-tasks, generate progress reports and assign recurring tasks. Quire is integrated with calendar access so task managers can schedule out meetings and big project deadlines. Quire also comes fully equipped with Kanban boards, allowing users to indicate their progress on assigned tasks. 

This service also comes with an iOS and Android compatible mobile application. This is an excellent tool for businesses just starting to see how employees adjust to a task management software system.

Although Quire's software is excellent for staying on track, its lack of instant messaging makes it less favorable for a collaborative work setting. 


Quire is a free task management service. This makes it a great trial tool for companies that may be contemplating investing in online management software. 

11. Asana


This management software is designed with a focus on efficiency. Asana helps users to fulfill deadlines quickly. Asana allows users to place a time-management feature on their tasks. 

Key features

Asana's free services offer necessary search capabilities, standard tasks, and traditional project creation capabilities. These features allow users to stay organized and keep project progress on track. 

Asana's premium services include:


Asana offers a free and premium subscription. Premium costs $10.99 per user per month and up. This per-user fee inhibits large companies from getting into business with Asana due to a high overhead cost.

12. Accelo


Accelo focuses on serving the professional service sector. This makes it possible for small businesses to compete with large company conglomerates. 

Key features

Accelo is a task management application with many useful third-party integrations. In your Accelo account, you can have full access to content-sharing programs such as Google Drive. Users can also gain full access to their email from inside the Accelo platform.

Accelo has many features that are desirable for a task manager. Accelo's task management software includes many premium features such as billing, generating invoices, timesheets, standard and recurring task assignments, project templates, and team schedules. 


Accelo's pricing ranges from $39.00 to $79.00 per user each month. This steep pricing is not friendly to large companies and can be a rather sizable investment.

13. Taskworld


Taskworld is a cloud-based management application that is primarily based on its task assignment capabilities. This system's cloud features allow companies to collaborate remotely. 

Key features

This app allows precise tracking of assignment progress yet lacks collaborative aspects of an ideal task management software. 

Taskworld services including direct messaging, repeating tasks, email notifications, an activity log, and task lists. This service also comes with an iOS and Android compatible mobile application. 


Taskworld pricing can range from $10.00 to $22.00 per user per month. This per-user fee can make hosting a large business it is expensive.

14. Wimi


The Wimi task management system is set up with multiple panels to make multitasking easy. Wimi thrives off its ability to create shared workspaces for each project, allowing companies to centralize project information. 

Key features

Through Wimi task management, you can access features such as messaging systems, collaborative documents, project timelines, task assignment digital sticky-notes, critical path calculators. You can also filter tasks and browse task history.  

Premium users get access to Wimi platform training, and an increase in storage space can create an unlimited number of projects and can store up to 500GB online. 


The access level you get through Wimi can vary whether you use the free version or the premium, which can cost up to $18.00 per user each month. Depending on the size of the team, Wimi's pricing can be expensive.

15. ProofHub


Proofhub is a project management software that enables remote teams to work together. Proofhub makes it easy to create a collaborative work environment online. 

Key features

Proofhub also enables content sharing through third-party applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Proofhub users are granted access to features such as to-do lists, workflows, proofing tools, instant messaging features, a platform for in-time brainstorming, timer features, custom reports, and content sharing capabilities.

Proofhub is also very accessible to users who are on the go. Proofhub users can also download an app, and the mobile Proofhub application is available for iOS and Android. 


The monthly fee for Proofhub users is $45.00. AlthoughProofhub does not charge an additional fee per user on a business's server, and it is best suited for smaller teams to avoid the annoyance of company-wide notifications. 

16. Basecamp


Basecamp is a task management service whose featured services are focused primarily on encouraging teamwork and collaboration amongst users in a digital suite. 

Key features

Basecamp helps teams to stay connected through real-time communication, resource planning, and long-term scheduling. You can create tasks; however, base camp does not make separate profiles for you to monitor progress on tasks once started. 

Basecamps' most robust features include real-time communication, simple task managers, and overall progress tracking. 


The level of access you get through Basecamp can vary whether you use the free version or the premium, which costs $99.00 per month.

17. is an easy platform to navigate. This Work Operating System (Work OS) helps teams to organize and complete projects with ease. This platform works to allow users to collaborate on task-heavy projects. 

Key features

Users can easily make a time-sensitive task and assign it to another individual in their virtual suite. However, does not grant its users content sharing or cloud services for file storage. 

Pricing offers calendar integration, time tracking, and unlimited boards. Depending on what services you receive, a prescription can cost between $8.00 to $16.00 per month. 

18. Wrike

Wrike Gantt chart

Wrike is a free task management service that could help a small business transition to an online task management platform. However, once your business growth occurs, a user may feel like they have grown out of Wrike's user base. 

Key Features

Wrike offers many tools to help amplify and customize tools for teamwork. The Wrike provides features such as personalized dashboards and content sharing. 

This online management software allows businesses to customize their work experience through task tracking and workflow features. 


The premium version of Wrike costs $24.50 per month. This fee is to create a digital business suite rather than for a singular user. 


The best task management software and online task manager tools for you is dependent on your budget and needs.

If your company works best from independent thought, it may not be necessary to seek a platform with chat features and content sharing. If your company is looking to switch to your task management software as the primary hub for work, you want full access to premium features. Decide if it may be worthwhile for your business to invest in service with premium features.

The best task management software equips management with tools for project and task management. Tools help to track progress on projects, enhance collaboration, and streamline project approval. Investing in task management software for your business can help to increase productivity.

Do you want to start optimizing your business' production potential with an online task manager? Start your 14-day free trial of TrueNxus now.