Free Google Sheets project management templates

Before you launch your project, you need to have the right templates and tools to collect the data you need. Google Sheets project management templates are a way to get started. If you've managed a project before, you know it's a juggling exercise, regardless of the project's complexity or size. Therefore google sheets project management templates help you stay organized so you don't lose track of all of the moving parts.

Whether you need a project tracker to have insight into your projects or need a project plan or task list to track task start dates, task due dates, task statuses, and task dependencies, Google Sheets project management templates will work for you.

Below you will find easy-to-use project management templates in Google Sheets that you can download for free. With these templates, you will perform effective project management with Gantt charts, project plans, project dashboards, project charters, RACI matrix, issue trackers, and more.

Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Google Sheets Gantt chart template

Organize and track projects with this Gantt chart template, a bar chart visualization of a project schedule. Input task names, statuses, percent complete, assignees, start dates, due dates, and duration. Make sure the project schedule stays on track.

Google Sheets Project Plan

Google Sheets project plan template

Keep a pulse on the project with this project plan template, a list view of a project schedule. Input task names, statuses, assignees, start dates, due dates, and duration. Update tasks as the project progresses and make sure people hit their deadlines.

Google Sheets Project Status Report

Google Sheets project status report template

Monitor and report project health with this project management dashboard. Stand up a recurring status update meeting where the entire project team can come together to review progress to-date, solution roadblocks, and understand the go-forward plan.

Google Sheets Project Charter

Google Sheets project charter template

Align all stakeholders with this project charter template, a high-level summary of the project. Outline the owner, executive sponsor, cadence, project team, objectives, benefits, and risks.

Google Sheets RACI Matrix

Google Sheets RACI matrix template

Define and document project roles and responsibilities with this RACI chart template. Ensure every stakeholder knows whether they are responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed.

Google Sheets Issue Tracker

Google Sheets issue tracker template

Identify and track potential issues that affect your project plan and mitigate any that transpire with this issue tracker template. Assign teammates to solve problems as soon as they arise.

Google Sheets To-Do List

Google Sheets to-do list template

Document important hourly, daily, or weekly activities with this to-do list template. Organize personal or work-related tasks so you can ensure you’re focusing on the right priorities.

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Provide visibility and transparency across time

No more simple Gantt charts in Google Sheets. Visualize the project as a timeline, a Gantt chart like view that lets you understand how the entire project fits together. Make updates to the project schedule through an interactive interface.

Project management timeline, a Gantt-like chart.


Ensure accountability across the entire project team

No more Google Sheets task lists. Leverage personalized views to know what you're on the hook for, enabling transparency and accountability across all stakeholders.

Personalized views with illustration


Automate project status reports

No more Google Sheets dashboards or Google Sheets project status reports. Analyze project health automatically, improving productivity, and creating efficiency, so you and your team members can focus on strategic thinking and getting work done.

Status report illustration 2


Memorialize your team's common goals

No more Google Sheets project charters. Level set with your colleagues, clients, and third parties by establishing a meeting cadence, objectives, benefits, and risks from the start, directly in the app.

Project charter illustration
TrueNxus in the sky illustration

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