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TrueNxus was built not only for professional project managers and PMO but also for accidental project managers and the people executing the day-to-day work.

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The best online team project management software

TrueNxus is cloud-based project management made as simple as possible. If you're a project manager or part of a team that needs to get things done, you know that coordination isn't always as easy as it should be. On any given day and in any given project, you could be struggling with issues caused by:

The best online project management software allows you and your team to tackle all of these challenges with ease and effectiveness. By enabling advanced goal setting, automated status reports, interactive Gantt-charts, dependency tracking, real-time notifications, and instant messaging, TrueNxus provides all the tools you need for success. 

Project task management is presented on a centralized online platform. This means that you can easily communicate and collaborate no matter where you are working. Cutting down on common project management challenges frees up time and space for more creativity and productivity so that you and your team can focus on what matters most - getting work done.


Get started with a project plan

A list is a table that allows you to easily manage your project plan. Organize the work into groups such as workstreams, or any logical way to categorize a set of tasks.

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Provide visibility and transparency across time

Visualize the project as a Timeline, a Gantt-chart like view that lets you understand how the entire project fits together. Make updates to the project plan through an interactive interface.

Project management timeline, a Gantt-like chart.


Drive results with automated project status reports

Let TrueNxus analyze the project health real-time giving senior leadership and the project team the insights they need to make decisions and move the ball forward. No more herding cats with endless phone calls and countless emails.

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Know what you're on the hook for

View every task, and every dependency, that is important to you, across every project, in one location.

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Be accountable when others are reliant on you

Understand dependent tasks, change implications, and adjust course as needed.


Stay productive and get notified when changes occur

Ensure efficiency by being informed immediately when changes to the overall project plan occur, such as when roadblocks impact dependencies.

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All projects tasks including dependencies


Collaborate directly in the app

Communicate with project team members and chat with one another directly in tasks.


Leverage OKR and create a project charter

Collaborate as one team and establish the project objectives, benefits, and risks from the very beginning.

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Ensure confidentiality when necessary

Make projects private to create a safe place for sensitive work.


TrueNxus's instant online communication features are a perfect way for team members and managers to stay organized. By reserving specific channels for updates on particular tasks and projects, you no longer need to rely on dozens of emails to keep track of things. This also makes it possible for teams across multiple departments to keep updated on the status and changes in a project to work harmoniously towards the same goal.

Our goals and setting features are designed for clarity when it comes to the bigger picture. Specify due dates, objectives, and benefits for each project task. Every step of the way, your team knows exactly what they're doing and why. With unique and valuable quantifiers, you can understand what constitutes success and how each goal works to support your project as a whole. With these elements, managers can head projects that are streamlined and systematized.

TrueNxus is cloud project management that makes it possible for teams to operate with openness. Each individual involved in a project can see and understand every task, role, and associated goal. Not only does this close communication gaps, but it creates a greater sense of accountability. Knowing that a project's progress depends on their engagement and effort, they are much more likely to play their part with each team member.

Team task management features such as progress reports and capacity indicators allow managers to delegate fairly and cover all bases, ensuring that everyone provides the value they should.

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