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Whether you're a professional project manager, a part of a PMO, or an accidental project manager, TrueNxus has all of the features you need to plan and execute project management in today's remote work environment.

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Visualize the project across time

Understand how the entire project fits together. Make updates to the project plan through an interactive interface.

Project management timeline with creation of dependencies


View the project plan as a list

Organize the work into groups that make sense to you, such as workstreams, sprints, or any logical way to categorize a set of tasks.

Project plan

Project management

Manage all of your projects in TrueNxus.


Organize a body of work that is planned and executed in a defined period of time into projects.

Project charter icon

Project charters

Collaborate and align all stakeholders from the very beginning by documenting the project's objectives, benefits, risks and cadence for meeting as a team.


Break down pieces of work, common activities or deliverables into tasks.


Understand dependent tasks, change implications, and adjust course.


See who owns each step in the plan and breakdown complex activities into sub-tasks.

Group tasks

Boost efficiency and create logical groupings for sets of tasks. These can be workstreams, sprints, or any logical way to categorize a set of tasks.


Give tasks and sub-tasks a clear owner, so everyone knows who is responsible for executing.

Due dates

Specify the date when tasks or sub-tasks are due so everyone is working off the same deadline.

Start dates

Set the date when the tasks or sub-tasks are scheduled to begin so you avoid any issues.


Provide insight into the status of tasks and sub-tasks (e.g., not started, in progress, at risk, complete).

Past due

Identify past due tasks and sub-tasks clearly and automatically.


Track task history and understand what changed, and by whom.

Views and reporting

Understand where the work that is important to you stands.

Gantt chart icon


Understand how the entire project fits together. Make updates to the project plan through an interactive interface.


View your entire project in a list and group tasks in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

My Work icon

My Work

View every task and every dependency, that is important to you, across every project, in one location.

Project status report icon

Plan reports

Visualize how the project has progressed historically, where it stands today, and how the future looks. See when the rest of the work is forecasted to be complete.

Next 7 days reports

Understand what tasks are past due and will be due in the next 7 days.

Tasks reports

View a summary of tasks by status at a specific point in time.

Team reports

View the project task count, by status, across all Project Members and Project Guests.


Manage organizations and ensure everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.


Collaborate with your colleagues.


Team with clients, contractors, consultants, lawyers, or any third party.


Create a common group of users based on department, function, or common interest, which in turn can be assigned to projects.

Private projects and teams

Ensure confidentiality when necessary and make projects and teams private to create a safe place for sensitive work.

Public projects and teams

Provide the entire organization visibility into projects and teams by making them public.


Collaborate and communicate directly in the app. Let TrueNxus automate the the things that fall through the cracks, like notifying you when someone changes something that impacts you.

Task comments

Collaborate with project team members and chat with one another directly in tasks.


Be notified immediately when a task is coming due, or when changes are made by someone else and your work is impacted.

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