View your to-do list and task dependencies in one place

With My Work, you can perform effective task management and view everything important to you, across every project, in one location.

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See your to-do list across every project

Save time and view all of your work in one location. You no longer need to have multiple screens open.

My Work all of your tasks
My Work task dependencies


View every dependent task

Understand every dependency in one view and adjust course as needed.


To-do lists allow you to stay organized. Organizing all of your tasks across every project in one central location can make everything much more manageable. Additionally, it can make you feel more grounded.

Seeing a clear outline of all of your incomplete tasks and your task dependencies in one location will help you feel organized and stay mentally focused.

TrueNxus's My Work feature is your online to-do list automated. It consolidates all of your tasks across every project into one single view. As a result, you can stop with context switching and bouncing between multiple task management apps.

The constant switching between tasks, project management software, spreadsheets, and slide decks result in mental blocks, which have a real cost. According to the American Psychological Association, "mental blocks caused by switching tasks drop productivity by 40%". Free yourself from these mental blocks and increase productivity to focus on doing actual work and driving results.

Automate your to-do list and know what you're on the hook for

Manage your work and view everything important to you in one location.

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