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The project charter template that shows you the bigger picture

Our project charter template sets you up for success from the very beginning of your project. It is an effective means of setting goals and creating a clear understanding of the nature of those goals. Teams that do not fully understand what they are doing and why they are doing it are likely to fall short of the desired outcome. The project charter template is designed to eliminate confusion and map out the trajectory of your projects. 

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Align everyone from the very beginning

Set clearly defined goals with specific timelines, success metrics, and realistic deliverables. This gives your team an exact map to follow without being overwhelmed and losing direction along the way. 

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Define a recurring stand-up schedule

Boost productivity and accountability by letting team members know how often you’ll be meeting for progress reports and project milestones. Setting the right cadence allows your team to continuously work towards a goal at the perfect pace. 


Make it possible for your team to do their best and produce results with a built-in project charter template. Exceed expectations by defining the project's goals and objectives upfront. Teams that understand the need and intention behind projects can perform their roles more thoroughly and meet the goals and objectives outlined from the start.

TrueNxus makes the project charter available to any team member in any place as a cloud-based platform. As a result, once you add new project team members to the project, they'll have immediate access to the project charter.

Additionally, whether you're working from home or still at the office, your team can clearly understand and achieve the goals that have been set for them. With less confusion and more direction, you're able to make headway from the very beginning.

Start your project with the only online project charter template

Make sure you stay aligned as to why you initiated the project in the first place.

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