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Visualize the project as a Timeline, a Gantt chart like view that provides the project team visibility and transparency. Make updates to the project plan through an interactive interface.

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Provide visibility and transparency across time for all of your projects

No matter what industry you're in, projects and goals need to occur within guiding constraints. Not only does this ensure that you're on a continuous path of progress, but it helps you manage a productive and accountable team.

In business, time is money. As a result, keeping on top of critical deadlines is vital. TrueNxus's project timeline software helps you set realistic timelines and establish task dependencies from each project's very beginning. Everyone knows what to expect, and everyone works towards a clearly defined end-goal. This maintains employee motivation, accountability, and transparency. With TrueNxus, time management is made simple yet effective.

Project management timeline, a Gantt-like chart.


Modify project plans as things change

Reprioritize work when deadlines change and easily adjust your project plan to ensure transparency across all stakeholders.

Gantt-chart change due date and start date
Gantt-chart add dependency


Connect the dots when you are reliant on others

Provide visibility into what everyone is on the hook for and identify inter-dependent tasks. As things change, you'll be notified automatically, and you'll be able to easily update the project plan, ensuring everyone is in sync.


Use project timeline software to define critical path milestones in a project. You can then break it up into smaller, achievable sub-tasks that guide your advancement. Team members can better understand what needs to be done by ensuring accountability and constant progression.

Make sure the most important tasks get done first and keep the ball rolling. With a set timeline, you're able to ensure that tasks are tackled in a logical sequence so that nothing gets left behind. Key project team members understand what events need to occur to reach the desired outcome, making it easier for them to perform their tasks.

Project timeline software is a crucial driver of accountability, which pushes projects forward. Knowing when to achieve milestones allows your team to keep their eyes on the prize. TrueNxus makes it easier to stay disciplined, focused, and productive.

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Provide transparency and visibility across your entire team.

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