Let collaboration thrive with remote work

Create a project management environment where accountability flourishes across disparate and remote teams telecommuting to work.

Automate project status reports
View every task you're accountable for in one place
Collaborate as one team from anywhere
Ensure transparency and accountability
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Collaborate as one team, from anywhere

Develop the project plan together and execute against the project plan together. With TrueNxus, everyone always has access to the same information from anywhere.

Project management timeline, a Gantt-like chart.


Drive results working from home with automated project status reports

Let TrueNxus analyze the project health real-time with automated project dashboards giving senior leadership and the project team the insights they need to make decisions and move the ball forward. No more herding cats with endless phone calls and countless emails.

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Visualize everything you're accountable for remotely

View every open task you are responsible for, and their dependencies, even if you are not assigned to the dependent tasks, across all projects, in one location.

All projects tasks including dependencies
Project dependency on timelineProject dependency on list


Be accountable to others even when you're telecommuting

Have visibility into dependencies and be notified in real-time when changes occur, so you and your team members can solve problems together and appropriately adjust course.


Stay productive and informed remotely with automation

Be informed immediately when changes to the project occur and keep progress moving forward.

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All projects tasks including dependencies


Collaborate directly in the app

Communicate with project team members and chat with one another directly in tasks.


Build trust with OKR and create a project charter

Collaborate as one team and establish common goals and objectives, benefits, and risks from the very beginning.

Project charter
Project management overview


Ensure confidentiality when necessary

Make projects private to create a safe place for sensitive work.

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