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Manage M&A plans with personalized views
Collaborate with bankers, lawyers, and consultants
Ensure transparency and accountability
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Manage any type of transaction

TrueNxus helps you organize and manage the complex process of all types of mergers and acquisitions. Whether you need post-merger integration software, tools to manage a divestiture, or joint venture software, TrueNxus has you covered. Set yourself up for post-close success and manage all of your transactions in one place.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Unlock value beyond your expectations with a system that keeps you focused and on track.


Maximize the value of an asset with software to help you plan and execute the spin-off or carve-out.

Joint Ventures & Alliances

Boost inorganic growth and maximize the value of the arrangement by collaborating as one team.


Get started with project plans

A list is a table that allows you to easily manage your transaction from pre-deal to eventual post-close, including post-merger integration plans. Organize the work into groups such as workstreams, or any logical way to categorize a set of tasks.

M&A project plan


Provide visibility and transparency across time

Visualize projects as a Timeline, a Gantt-chart like view that lets you understand how each phase of the deal fits together. Make updates to project plans through an interactive interface.

Project management timeline, a Gantt-like chart.


Drive results with automated status reports

Let TrueNxus analyze each deal's health in real-time, giving senior leadership and the deal team the insights they need to make decisions and move the ball forward. Whether you plan a divestiture or post-merger integration, you'll no longer have to cats with endless phone calls and countless emails to understand the deal's status.

Transformation (M&A) status report illustration
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Know what you're on the hook for

View every task, and every dependency, that is important to you, across every deal, in one location.

All projects tasks including dependencies
Project dependency on timelineProject dependency on list


Be accountable when others are reliant on you

Understand dependent tasks, change implications, and adjust course as needed.


Stay productive and get notified when changes occur

Ensure efficiency by being informed immediately when changes to deal occur, such as when roadblocks impact dependencies.

Productivity comment 1Productivity comment 2Productivity comment 3
All projects tasks including dependencies


Collaborate directly in the app

Communicate with the deal team and chat with one another directly in tasks.


Ensure confidentiality when necessary

Make deals private to create a safe place for sensitive work.

Project management overview


Instantly see the benefits of collaboration, open communication, and data visibility in your deal. Our M&A process management tools and post-merger integration software include automated status reports, interactive timelines, dependency tracking, task lists, real-time notifications, and instant messaging. Together, all of these features make collaborating in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures easy.

TrueNxus prevents post-close failure with pre-deal planning, like post-merger integration planning. With our software tools, your deal team will focus on creating value and not herding cats.

There are many steps involved in any deal, whether it's a PMI process or a divestiture process. M&A process management software applications such as TrueNxus will allow your company to set individual milestones and goals to create your custom deal strategy.

With each milestone clearly outlined, post-merger integration teams, divestiture teams, and joint venture teams can communicate their plans and progress against their plans to senior leadership and the broader organization. They can track the M&A process to ensure no steps are missed and monitor the process from start to finish. Having these milestones associated with business value allows leaders to see the integration's real impact as it's happening.

All the features you need in your M&A process management software.

TrueNxus task details drawer illustration

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